Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To DODGE or NOT!!!!

Playing this game can be fun for many, but as teachers do we everthing about the kids who dont want to play, or have a fear of thoes flying balls. in highschool and gradeschool this is all we would play and i loved it. but today were finding out that were leaving kids out, children are not getting enought physical activity, and sitting out untill the next game starts. to get the is game off the DO NOT PLAY list, we need tro creat a safe and more physical active game. if i were to put this game in my lesson play i would keep everyone in the game longer, to keep them moving around. to either when they get out go to the other team, or have them play from the side lines, or play by hitting a ball off a cone for points. this would keep them moving and getting their total minutes of physical activity for the day!!!

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